This needs to be spread. Fast. And wide. This teacher DISGUSTS me, she is NOT deserving of a job in the field of education. The whole lot needs to be fired. They need to APOLOGISE! They need to be humbled.. if they refuse to humbly administer an apology, they deserve to be humiliated. #ForAkian

This is so sad. If you are truly not cut out for teaching, don’t waste your time. Teachers have such an impact on children’s live and I think sometimes they forget that. I just don’t understand why people behave in such vicious ways. This teacher needs to be fired as well as all the aids in the room. It makes me sick to think that any of them are still out there teaching other children. 

Okay so last night I finished my very first bulletin board project for my education class! IT IS SO CUTE. I did it on weather! So there’s a panda that you dress up according to the weather, cloud poems, and the water cycle that has velcro on the back so the kids have to put the pieces of the cycle in the correct order! Also for my activity I’m having everyone make MINI RAIN STICKS. Seriously so cool. I’m so excited to teach it on Monday!